Author Testimonials

“Publishing a first novel is a learning experience fraught with pitfalls for the unwary. Writing it is the easy part. From acceptance to publication, Tahlia and her team are the safe hands who will guide you through that experience. Always open and responsive, you’ll emerge at the other end with a product you’ll be proud to nail your colors to in front of a global market.” Remi Dewitt, author of God’s Gift.

“My experience with AIA was a wonderful journey from first submitting my novel to publication of a much-polished piece.  Tahlia and the AIA crew are wonderful, experienced, honest people to work with and they guided me through the transformation of my story into a publishable work. Rose, the graphic design artist, did a great job on the book cover. Colorful and eye-catching. After the work was completed and the book released, they continued to follow up and provide promotional guidance. I’ve never felt alone.” William Tarrant author of Engines Over the Amazon.

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