Our Calling: A Lucid-dreaming Adventure: Joseph A White Jr


When Jeff finds himself in the mind of a cocaine producer in the jungles of South America, and then in the mind of a wealthy Colombian businessman clearly connected to the drug trade, he wonders why. Is he supposed to try to stop these drug runners or should he stay safe and stay out of it?

But he and his girlfriend, Mindi, don’t appear to have a choice. When lucid dreaming, they’re continually thrust into the minds of people determined to continue to flood America with highly addictive drugs, and Jeff can’t help but wonder how the snippets of information they discover while out-of-body fit together.  

Drawn to this new calling and aided by some nameless support, Jeff and Mindi learn how to astral travel and develop their lucid-dreaming skills to gain some control over the direction of their mind leaps. 

Can they, with only psychic skills, unravel a sophisticated system of drug importation and distribution and bring those running it to justice? And can they stay safe when they’re dealing with ruthless drug overlords, one of which has some psychic skills of his own?

ISBN Paperback: 978-1-922329-45-5

Publication Date: June 16, 2023

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