Realm Travellers – A Parallel Dimension: M.J. Raco


SPOILER ALERT: Read The Ancient Gateway, book one of The Realm Travellers Series before reading this description.

Exhausted from healing Jack and with no strength left to save herself, Max looks on as her friends escape the Ancient Realm. She and Ryker are only seconds away from being recaptured, but Ryker won’t let that happen. He grabs Max and darts into the depths of the forest, where they find temporary refuge.

Max and Ryker befriend the people of the forest and prepare a mass exodus – The Ancients have mistreated these people long enough! All they need to do is lie low and wait for Jack and the gang to return to save them.

But not everyone can be trusted. Deception runs deep. Friend can turn against friend. Will they ever find freedom?


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