Realm Travellers – The Forbidden Passage: M.J. Raco


When Max discovers that Ryker’s mother, Isebel, is dying of cancer, she and the rest of the realm travellers hatch a plan to return to the realm. If they can find the South African portal and get his mother through it before it’s too late, Max can use her magical healing superpower to save Isebel’s life. At least, that’s the plan.

But Wulf, a merciless savage from The Dark Forest, is stalking Aelianna, the beautiful forest girl Ryker left behind, and Ryker can’t leave her vulnerable to Wulf’s evil intentions. Ryker’s efforts to protect her, however, land him at the bottom of a deep, dark pit, where in order to survive, he has to compete in brutal challenges set by a despot consumed by jealousy and hatred.

The friends must charge their superpowers and gear up to rescue Ryker, but can they get him out before Wulf and his giant dogs tear him apart? 

Publication date: November 4th 2022

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