The Tame Man: Dana Burnell


Love, Death, and Expats in the Heart of London. 

When Rubicon Baines moved from Illinois to London, she changed her name, her body, and her accent to become an ITV star in the 90s. Years later, now unknown and unemployed, Rubicon meets up with childhood friend Jenn Bellwether and introduces this God-fearing Midwesterner to her inner circle.

London doctor Mark Everleigh—a widower through an act of violence—is stuck in a holding pattern of mutual suspicion with his vulnerable teenage son Simon. Jenn inserts herself and her concept of American family values into Mark’s family, and soon the pressure leaves everyone gasping for a way out.

Finally, Mark finds one: Rubicon herself. 

THE TAME MAN is a novel about the inescapable undertow of the past and how far we’ll go when our next chance might be our last.

ISBN Paperback: 978-1-922329-49-3

Publication Date: September 29 2023

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